Explore Malang City Indonesia with Travel Planner Assistant

Explore Malang City Indonesia with Travel Planner Assistant – Do you know Indonesia? Have you ever heard a city called Malang, in East Java Province? You might hear Indonesia before but never knew what is Malang? Where is it? What to see in this city? I will explain to you a little bit about Malang.

Malang is a second largest city in East Java Province. It is about 90 kilometers from Surabaya, the capital of East Java Province. Malang is not a big city but it is modern enough as you can easily find malls, amusement park, taxi, good restaurants and some good universities. It has an airport which serves some local flights to Jakarta, Bali, Bandung and some cities in Kalimantan island.

Why does people love Malang? Mostly because Malang has nice and pleasant weather all the years. The temperature is around 20 – 30 Celcius degrees.  For your information, as tropical country, Indonesia only has 2 seasons which are rainy and dry season. For some people, dry or wet season is not a problem to travel but I suggest you to visit Malang during the dry season. Dry season happends on middle of May until early October while the high rainfall mostly occurs on December until April.

What to see in Malang? I bet you will enjoy this city as a lot of things you can explore. There is beach area in Southern part of Malang. I am sure more than 10 beaches in this are where you can experience sunrise until sunset. Another beautiful scenery which only one in the world is Mountain Bromo which has beautiful crater. You should ride 4 wheels car to reach this mountain. It is an active volcano so we need to be aware when it is closed for tourism. But you should miss to visit this mountain because it has a very beautiful sunrise. People from all around the world came to see it. Besides these two tourism points, you can visit some temples such as Singhasari Temple, a Hindu-Budhist temple which was built on 13th century.

Are you interested to explore Malang City Indonesia with a travel planner assistant ? Why do you need a travel planner assistant? A travel planner assistant will help you to arrange your trip. You will not be busy to search a lot of information about Malang  City and its surroundings such as how to go to those beautiful places, where to stay, how to get the local transportation, where to eat and other things.


Explore Malang City Indonesia with Travel Planner Assistant will make your trip easier and more fun. Tell me what you want to see, how long you will be in Malang and how much is your budget. I will help you to make itinerary and the budget as well. We can discuss on your preference and I will give you the best suggestion.

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